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Good Gardening Habits

b2ap3_thumbnail_tomatoe1.jpgAs spring gardens of lettuce, cabbage, spinach…give way to summer tomatoes, peppers, squash and more, don’t let the plants get away from you. It is all too easy to start well, but perseverance will see healthier plants with higher yields during the summer harvest.

As your plants start growing here are some things to consider so your plants produce all season long. Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and chilies all need to be staked or caged so they don’t fall over when we get strong winds or heavy rains. Keeping the fruit off the ground gives it more time to ripen and keeps it from rotting. Cucumbers also love a trellis to climb which makes picking the fruit easier. Squash and zucchini grow from the crown of the vine so no support is needed.

Don’t let the weeds get the better of you, keep your beds weed free so the nutrients and sunlight are used for vegetable production.

Be sure to keep your vegetable plants picked clean of ripe fruit. If there is too much ripe fruit, the plant will die because there is enough seed produced to ensure its reproduction, so if you keep it picked clean then more fruit will be produced and so on.

Edible Blooms in The Garden


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