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Edible Blooms in The Garden

b2ap3_thumbnail_nasturtium-blooms.jpgEdible blooms are beautiful in the garden and beautiful on your plate, the bloom and the leaf on your nasturtium plant are edible, they have a mild spicy flavor and are great in a salad or use the leaves like lettuce on a sandwich. The trick to growing nasturtiums here is part sun, they really prefer some shade and will bloom through October in the right spot.





 Society Garlic is another great edible bloom. With a mild garlic flavor, it can be used in a salad and a stir fry or in a salad dressing or a herbal vinegar or chop the leaf and sprinkle through a salad. The great thing about it is, it does not leave you with garlic breath. In fact, TV Chef G. Garvin, called it “First Date Garlic” when he visited the farm last year and discovered this Herb .




b2ap3_thumbnail_argula-blooms.jpgArugula is in full bloom right now in the garden too. It is yet another wonderful edible flower with a very mild spicy flavor and a hint of sesame. It is wonderful in a salad or stir fry and also great in a home made salad dressing.

Our cilantro is also blooming in the garden right now. If you allow the plant to bloom and set seed, then collect the seed, you have successfully grown ‘coriander’. It is one of the few plants that has a different name for the seed and a different name for the plant .

All these early spring bloomers are also attracting bees, butterflies, birds, lady bugs and beneficial wasps to your garden to help with pollination and “bad” bug control, it is important to have a good balance of bugs in the garden to keep things thriving, remember bad bugs will attack sick or weak plants first, so keeping the garden healthy is the best way to maximize your harvest.

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